Course description

The Diver Medic Approved Diving Emergency Medical Responder course. (DEMR)

Welcome to the most comprehensive Diving accident, illness, and emergency medicine course to date!
We are proud to bring you a course that instills confidence and understanding of a subject your Instructor may not have had the knowledge and skills to teach you unless they were
DEMR trained themselves.

The Diver Medic is excited to announce the new Programme called Diving Emergency Medical Responder (DEMR) Course. This course aims to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for an emergency to help reduce pain, sustain life, and minimize the consequences of an injury or sudden illness. The course teaches students to be prepared, confident, and armed with the knowledge to take control and deal with virtually any non-diving and Diving based medical or traumatic emergency. This course is the most comprehensive course available at present. This course sits between First Aid and EMT level, so perfect for all learning levels. We are almost sure that you will learn something new and apply what you have learned to your medical assessments and treatment. So, who is the course aimed at, Dive Leaders, Surface support, Professional Divers, Divemaster, Scientific divers, Fire and Rescue teams, Police rescue teams, Recreational divers, Rescue teams, Lifeguards, Coast Guard, Liveaboards, Dive Centres, Dive Resorts and whoever wants to broaden their medical knowledge?
Great news! This course is taught by medically trained personnel.
Student Pre-Requisites are the following:
By the start of the course, a student must be: 18 years.
Certified in basic first aid and BLS.
Must have proof of current CPR and first aid training.

The course will consist of two sections, the first section will be online theory, and the second section will be a minimum of two days practical.
The online section should take approximately 20 hours to complete and be a combination of slides, voice-overs, videos, quizzes, and pdf files. The following DEMR Course Directors can conduct a Full Five-day course in the event the online theory is not achievable.
USA, Canada, South America, and Caribbean Islands – Edward Benjamin UK/Europe/Rest of World – Chantelle Newman
Certification is valid for two years, after which a two-day refresher will need to take place. The practical section is a minimum of two days (16 hours) and will cost anything from $250.00 to $400.00 (depending on exchange rate and country) to complete, and this is paid directly to your DEMR Instructor.

Brief Outline of the course
Wellness and Safety of the Diving Emergency Medical Responder Human Anatomy and Pathophysiology, Communication and Documentation
Airway Management, Medical History, and Vital Signs
Patient Assessment, Cardiac Emergencies
Respiratory Emergencies, Common Medical Emergencies
Environment Emergencies and Drowning
Soft Tissue Injuries, Bleeding, and Shock
Muscle and Bone Injuries, Head and Spine Injuries
Chest and Abdominal Emergencies, Children and Diving
Operations and Hazardous Response, Multiple-Casualty incidents and Triage
Diving Injuries, Barotrauma Injuries
Travel Illness, Freediving injuries, Diving Physics
Gas Poisoning, Anoxia, Hypoxia, Oxygen Toxicity, Carbon Monoxide, HPNS, Narcosis Decompression
Illness, PFO, AGE, and CAGE
Ear Injuries and treatment and use of Otoscope
Immersion Pulmonary Edema IPE/IPO Diving Emergencies
You will have 365 days of access to your online theory; please contact admin to extend your subscription.
There is a section for group discussions in the online area, so please respect each other and this course's contents.
Any comments, complaints, and suggestions are welcome in an email, and please do not discuss them in the group discussion.
To obtain The Diver Medic Approved Diving Emergency Medical Responder (DEMR) certification, all the course elements have to be taken. Both for the Online and Practical sections, regardless of any advanced qualifications you may hold.

Please contact us for any further information -

Chantelle Newman, AEA Dip, EMT-A, DMT,Cert Ed,

Chantelle Newman, AEA Dip, EMT-A, DMT,Cert Ed,

Course Director and Instructor

Chantelle Newman -  Born in Africa, joined South African EMS at age of 19 under Civil Defence then later took on a full-time position working on the road as first-line response and worked in a very busy control room, Trauma specialist, attended several mass shootings, and bombings in South Africa. Relocated to London in 1998.  Became a medical instructor teaching Emergency Medical Technician, First Response, Health and Safety, and First Response Emergency Care. 2010 started the Facebook group called The Diver Medic which has become very popular with Diving Medicine and Dive safety posts.  In 2011 qualified as a PADI Divemaster and then a Diver Medic. Later in the year designed a Diver Medical Technician course for DAN Europe and became an IMCA DMT accredited Training facility in London.  Got asked to set up several IMCA DMT Training facilities around the world.  In 2016 got inducted into the Woman Divers Hall of Fame and in August the same year was featured under Heroes of Diving in the Scuba Diving Magazine in the USA.   2018 Chantelle was inducted into the Explorers Club for her work in remote areas.

Course Contents

37 Videos

4 Quizzes

69 PDFs

39 Presentations

20.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the TDM Approved Diving Emergency Medical Responder course